Reinventing the humble tart

The Tartlery is Sandrian Tan's interpretation of how a tart should be - layers of luscious fillings, playful flavours and a vibrant canvas of colourful toppings.

Her tarts are original creations inspired by her experiences, stories of friends or simply fresh ingredients of the seasons.

  • Koi

    Resembling a koi swiming in a pond, this tart is filled with white chocolate mousse and floral-scented Osmanthus gel, topped with generous bits of grapefruit and pomelo.

  • Pineapple Tarte

    Fusion twist on the popular CNY goodie. Our Pineapple Tarte features a Lemon Myrtle infused cheesecake filling, topped with a layer of home made pineapple jam, finished with Pina Colada cream and galangal-laced biscuit

  • Stonehenge

    An ensemble of silky vanilla custard, bursts of passion fruit, refreshing mint and chips of meringue arranged in the fashion of the prehistoric monument

  • Grape Kobo

    Inspired by the Milk Kobo Factory in Hokkaido from a summer road trip, this creation is filled with yoghurt and cheese custard, grapes, calming lavender, pistachio and a drizzle of raw honey

  • Samsara

    Sharing the same name as the eponymous arthouse film starring Christy Chung, this is a creation inspired by the Himalayas. White chocolate, candied ginger, exotic saffron custard and a pinch of cardamon

  • Holy Lemon

    Zesty lemon paired with herbaceous basil and meringue cones. Not your typical Lemon Tart

Tea Pairing

Enjoy our tarts with the smoothest cold-brewed teas from chá by Land, a curator of pure, premium artisanal teas without any additions or flavourings. We have two exciting flavours to choose from - Grand Scarlet and The Original Breakfast Tea. 

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The Chef

Sandrian Tan is a finalist in the pioneer Masterchef Asia competition held in 2015. Born to a Singaporean father and Thai mother, she picked up cooking at the age of nine from her mother, her first and only culinary teacher. 

Three years of living in the UK opened her eyes to the world of contemporary desserts. That was also the time when she met her husband, who happens to have a sweet tooth. She has been delighting her family and friends with gourmand indulgences since.