What’s a Slot?

The odds of hitting a jackpot are slim, but playing slots can still be a rewarding experience. The key is to pick machines based on your preferences and stick with them. It’s also important to play within your bankroll and not get greedy. Getting greedy or betting more money than you can afford are the 2 biggest pitfalls of slotting, and can turn what should be a fun, relaxing activity into something that’ll make you want to pull your hair out.

A narrow notch or groove, such as a keyway in a machine part or the slit for a coin in a vending machine. Also used as a verb, meaning to put in or fit in: a screwdriver is slotted into its place in the handle.

An assigned time and place for an aircraft to land or take off, as authorized by an airport or air-traffic control authority: We’re waiting for a slot at Heathrow.

A compartment or area, such as a slit in the wall of a building or an opening in a door, into which something may be inserted: The cat crawled through the small opening and disappeared behind the slot. Also used as a verb, meaning the action of inserting or fitting something into such a space: He slipped the book into its slot on the shelf.