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Box of Six

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$50.00 SGD
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$50.00 SGD

Set of six tarts, four tarts from the Box of 4 and two additional seasonal tarts: 

Apple and Rhubarb

Frangipane (almond cream) base, followed by a layer of cream, topped with apples and rhubarb laced with Sandrian's homemade kaffir lime extract

Pineapple Tarte

Fusion twist on the popular CNY goodie. Our Pineapple Tarte features a Lemon Myrtle infused cheesecake filling, topped with a layer of homemade pineapple jam, finished with Pina Colada cream and galangal-laced biscuit

Holy Lemon

Zesty lemon paired with herbaceous basil and meringue cones. Not your typical Lemon Tart!


Sharing the same name as the eponymous arthouse film starring Christy Chung, this is a creation inspired by the Himalayas. White chocolate, candied ginger, exotic saffron custard and a pinch of cardamon


An ensemble of silky vanilla custard, bursts of passion fruit, refreshing mint and chips of meringue arranged in the fashion of the prehistoric monument

Choco Cherry Hazel

Lined with dark chocolate ganache, rum and sour cherries and topped with a generous layer of hazelnut cream, hint of clove and edible flowers